Lecturer, Cetaphil Face Range Launch

Dr Mara was the invited guest lecturer during the Cetaphil Face Range Launch at the Grand Hyatt Hotel. She lectured on “Anti-aging skin care 101”. A few pearls from her well-received, interactive lecture —- 1) We can’t stop aging but we can control how we age, 2) We can slow down aging but can also speed it up, 3) The skin constantly renews itself, but this process is slower as we age, 4) Asians are prone to developing pigmentations during the aging process, and 5) Prevention is best if we want to retard aging. She suggested consistent sun protection, use of appropriate cleansers to take care of the skin barrier, controlled exfoliation (physical or chemical), moisturization, the use of evidence-based actives to trigger collagen production and address pigmentation, and to live a healthy life. Congratulations Cetaphil Philippines for the successful launch of your Face Range!

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