Lecturer, Dermatology Research Workshop

Dr. Mara made it her life’s mission to teach doctors the art and science of clinical research because patients deserve no less than evidence-based medicine. It is uncommon to find doctors who are passionate about research, not only because it takes a lot of time (and money), but also because medical school does not teach you how to conduct research. Dr. Mara knew that to elevate the Philippines in terms of evidence-based patient care, she had to increase the interest of Filipino physicians in research. She has done so not only by getting international recognition for her work, but by actively teaching doctors the art and science of research in a way that equips and empowers them to produce their own. As the deputy editor of the Journal of the Philippine Dermatological Society, she regularly writes articles for the “Applying basic concepts (ABC’s) in dermatology research” section of the journal. She also regularly conducts research workshops to dermatology consultants and residents to pay it forward.

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