Lecturer, Philippine Dermatology Society Midyear Convention

Our Dr. Mara Padilla Evangelista-Huber Delivered An Excellent Lecture On Oral Supplements During The Philippine Dermatological Society’s Midyear Convention At Subic, Olongapo

Her talk entitled “Oral supplements in Dermatology: Help or Hype” discussed five popular oral supplements: Biotin (for hair and nails), Collagen (for anti-aging), Lactoferrin (for acne), Placenta (for anti-aging and whitening) and Oral sunscreens. Dr. Mara explained that most people with a balanced diet do not need oral supplements, and there is little proof that what we take in orally goes from the stomach to the skin. In addition, some supplements may even cause direct or indirect harm. Dr. Mara cautions against unnecessary use of oral supplements, and though some of these are safe, it might be more cost-effective to use non-oral products and adjunctive procedures. It is best to consult a board-certified dermatologist before taking an oral supplement marketed towards skin, hair or nail health.

Dr. Mara attended the PDS Midyear Convention with her mom and fellow dermauthority, Dr. Rowena Padilla Evangelista.

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