Lecturer, The Science of Cleansing

Our Dr. Mara was the esteemed speaker at the launch of the Cetaphil Ultra Gentle Body Wash. Dr. Mara delivered a lecture called “The Science of Cleansing”. Did you know that cleansing can be the most damaging part of your skin care routine? This is because of SURFace ACTive AgeNTs or “surfactants”, the key ingredients of most cleansers. Dr. Mara’s lecture discussed the biochemistry of cleansers, how cleansers can affect the skin barrier, the importance of pH, and what to look for and avoid in cleansers, particularly in reading ingredient lists. She also differentiated between soap/soap-based cleansers from synthetic detergents (syndets) and answered common questions about cleansing: solid or liquid? foaming or non-foaming? scented or unscented? Everything she discussed in her lecture is accessible in her newest blog similarly entitiled, “The Science of Cleansing”. You may read it here. Dr. Mara was joined by the Cetaphil team, Cetaphil brand ambassador Sarah Lahbati, and a special group of influencers at the launch. Congratulations to Cetaphil Philippines for the successful event!

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