Speaker, Cetaphil Baby Mommy Dialogues

Dr. Mara and her dad, pediatrician Dr. Thaddeus Evangelista were two of the speakers in the recent #cetaphilmommydialogues focused on healthy food and healthy skin. Dr. Mara reminded moms in attendance that not all rashes are food-related and that baby skin is driest after a bath, so this would be a good time to apply moisturizer (and that moisturizers are not created alike, some are thicker while others have a watery consistency). She also talked about why diaper rashes occur and how to prevent them from happening. When asked what her advice was to new moms. Dr. Mara said 1) Don’t compare yourself to other moms. 2) Don’t compare your baby to other babies. 3) Don’t be afraid to ask questions, from other moms and from doctors. Dr, Thad also provided valuable advice with regards to food allergies, starting solids, and how to deal with picky eaters. Dr. Rowena Evangelista was also there to support Dr. Mara and Dr. Thad. We believe in parents empowering parents!

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